The Trump Prophecy

About The Movie

In 2018 when THE TRUMP PROPHECY hit theaters we saw spontaneous prayer for our nation in theaters across America. We need a message of HOPE and PRAYER for our nation and it’s leadership now more than ever. Experience THE TRUMP PROPHECY back in theaters for an exclusive one-night event October 8th.

Witness the incredible true story of one man’s personal journey to healing that led to an international prayer movement. Retired firefighter Mark Taylor finds himself in a crisis of faith as he struggles with a diagnosis of PTSD. But, in 2011, everything changes when he experiences a dream telling him that Donald Trump will be the next President. As he works to understand his remarkable experience, he shares his hopeful vision and it spreads across the globe. THE TRUMP PROPHECY is a gripping drama that delivers an inspirational message of hope and patriotism.

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