The Trump Prophecy

People Are Praying For Our Nation
After Seeing This Movie!


"After watching this movie, people are moved to PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY RIGHT THERE IN THE THEATER! Praise God." - Nashville,TN

"After the applause someone said “we should pray now” and the entire theater held hands and prayed together!" - Honolulu, Hawaii

"Spontaneous prayer and applause. Something good and Godly is happening indeed!" - Grand Rapids, MI

"In our theater as credits rolled One voice started saying the Lords prayer and suddenly everyone in the theaters joined in. It was amazing!" - Nashville,TN

"There was a lot of clapping at the end in the Concord, NH theater! Awesome movie! Thank you for sharing this message of hope and how God speaks to us!" - Cathy (Facebook)

"No pictures, but clapping and, some crying by me lol. You could feel the love of God in Apple Valley, CA last night. Praise Jesus." - Margit (Facebook)

"I wish I would’ve recorded it. People were clapping and saying God Bless America after the movie ended." - Amy (Facebook)